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Bunny Baby Blankets

I can spend hours on Pinterest, be honest, I’m sure you are secretly thinking to yourself, yup me too! Am I right?

I came across rabbit comforter toys, ok I’m not pregnant or have anyone that is expecting, but I just found them so cute and I tried out the pattern and popped it up on Facebook, and omg it definitely wasn’t perfect but a friend contacted me in private and asked if I could make her two and personalise them with letters!

I said sure and I’m pleased to say that they turned out fabulous! I mean I will let you be the judge of them, take a look at these below.

So as you can see I made one in yellow with the letter S!

I think what surprised me more, was the fact I’d never crocheted letters before and was pretty proud of myself, I know it may sound daft for those people that aren’t crafters, but for a crafter learning every day, that bit of just trying and then it turning out fab makes you proud! I then went on to try the pink one with the letter R, which I thought maybe a little harder!

I’m super stoked how the R turned out! Looks fab! If I do say so myself!

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