Bridal Bouquets,  Crochet

3D Flower Bouquet

When me and the husband set our date for our wedding, we only had 6 weeks to plan and buy everything we needed!

Weddings are expensive and after all if you love someone, do you really need a big fancy wedding, and do you really need a posh expensive venue that you will still be paying off in 10 years down the line or still in debt with family that helped fund it?

That’s why we decided to do it low key, Alan had been married before I hadn’t and I still wanted nice things but without the hefty price tag, so I decided to create my own wedding bouquets for me and Imogen.

Don’t mind the Daisy Dusk onesie lol!

But as you can see they are handmade and it was something that would last for a long time, it wouldn’t be spending £75+ on flowers, only for them to wilt away a week later!

If you would like to purchase one for yourself, it can be made any colour choice that you wish! Click here to order yours today

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