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Striped Bobble Beanie

It’s always lovely when someone contacts you and ask you to create something more personal to the receiver of the gift.

I got contacted asking me to make a beanie bobble hat to match his cycling club, explaining to me that it had to be more black than green but more green that blue.

After taking a look at the cycling club tops, I got to work using my basic beanie hat pattern and then tried to work out how many rows and in which order to make the beanie perfect, just as he had wanted.

I use my favourite beanie pattern from Repeat Crafter Me.

I can make any type of beanie that you would like, any colour any size, feel free to take a look at my previous beanies here.

However if you would like to purchase this gorgeous stripy bobble hat, then click here.

Bare in mind it doesn’t need to be this colour combination, it can be which ever colour you would like.

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