Crochet Saved My Mental Health

Back in August 2015 I got diagnosed with Endometriosis. Which after a 7 year long battle with my monthly cycle, was a relief to find out that it wasn’t all in my head and the excruciating pain wasn’t just a bad period.

The husband found an advert on TV while I was recovering after my laparoscopy had gone wrong during the procedure, as in they managed to puncture my stomach before they had even reached my uterus. The advert was The Art of Crochet.

The Art of Crochet was a magazine subscription which was filled with hundreds of patterns for you, the home, gifts for friends and along with a step by step of making up-to 120 squares for a beautiful throw. When the first few issues came through I was hooked (pardon the pun!) and it helped me take my mind off the pain from the operation and something to focus on. Which was a great help because other than being told I had something called Endometriosis, I wasn’t told anything else, other than they lasered it away and it wouldn’t come back, which I have further seeked help and advice from other ladies who suffer with the same condition, so not alone, and that the downside is, it never goes away and I have to live with it for the rest of my life. So if it wasn’t for Crocheting, I wouldn’t of been able to stay sane, it’s something positive to work towards when I’m having a bad day!

After making this beautiful throw, I’ve not stopped making things, just given me more confidence to try other things.

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