Bouquet Made With Love

In January 2015 we set a date for our wedding, we aren’t the old fashioned type of couple where we expect to sleep in separate houses the night before, or have expensive reception venues or posh grub. We are two best friends who decided to spend the rest of our lives together and bug one another for eternity!

Alan said I could have anything that I had wanted, as he had been married before, whereas I hadn’t and it was exciting (as all wives to be know, right?!?!?) But at the same time, do you really need to spend an absolute fortune on flower bouquets, only for them to die off a week later?

So I decided to make my own, overall took me around 24 hours over a course of a fortnight! But it was something to treasure for the rest of my life, I made two bouquets, one for me and one for my flower girl, my daughter!

I love them, what do you think?

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