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Baby Elephant Cot Blanket

I absolutely love making blankets for new little humans and did you know Elephants are lucky for newborns too?

I hadn’t known about the Elephants till I handed over the blanket, once I had finished the blanket.

How are Elephants lucky?

An elephant is a symbol of good luck in many religions and cultures. According to the pseudoscience of Feng shui, elephants can bring more luck based on their placement in the home. The location of a lucky elephant should be determined by the positivity you are searching for and which part of your life you wish to influence. These aspects and/or needs will establish where you should place your elephant, as each position bring different types of luck.

Can you see the elephants on the border?

This is just a simple granny stripe blanket, time consuming but well worth the end result!

If you would like to purchase this gorgeous baby elephant blanket, then click here.

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