Sunny & Bill: Kornflake Stew

After receiving Alison North’s Cutest Crochet Creations book from my craft friends for my birthday in October 2018. I finally had time to look at it this past few weeks and at the weekend I chose to have a go at one of the patterns, after having a good old chat with my good friend behind Crafting Happiness, I decided to have a go and get my niche right.

Alison, the lady behind KornFlakeStew‘s patterns are so easy to follow along too, very easy small bites of information, something easy enough to digest.

I think it turned out pretty good, for my first attempt at pattern from a book!

I mean after all, how cute does the little birdie look? I need a name for him though, I know the pattern calls them Sunny and Bill, but I only made the one and no doubt my 7 year old will have a name for him when he gets home.

I will definitely have to re-purchase some more stuffing and attempt some more of Alison’s designs!

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