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Crochet Lettering..

Seriously this whole lettering thing has had my life all week! But from today I am taking a little crochet break! I think I need too!

I got asked from my good friend Davey to make him a North East Skinny Dip beanie but if I could, pop his name on it.

I tried the whole embroidery stitch, didn’t work, I tried making the letters tiny with crochet thread and that also didn’t work.

As you can see the letter A is too big, there was no way I could in myself find another pattern for a smaller letter to make the whole of Davey’s name fit on the beanie.

In the end I have made my letters D and B from the lovely pattern from Happy Berry Crochet youtube tutorial!

This is the first time I’ve done lettering before (in a long time!)

I just hope he likes it!

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