Baby Shawls

On Cloud Nine

So when a close friend a week before Christmas contacts you and asks you if you could make a Baby Shawl for one of his family members, who is due a baby at the end of January.

Perfect timing right??? I would say, if all the shops weren’t closing down for the festive period, but luckily with a little help from a fellow small business – That Little Wool Shop

I received my yarn, just before Christmas, and as I knew I was meeting up with my customer at the beginning of January (as after all we are good friend’s), so I knew I had to make a start on it, after Christmas and between New Year!

I searched high and low for a pattern that looked quick and easy enough to follow, in the short time period, that I had.

I came across this lovely Little Clouds Crochet Blanket created by the lovely Lisa of LisaAuch Crochet.

Lisa created this beautiful throw in white yarn and a blue ribbon and I decided to do the opposite.

I love how this pattern worked out, it was nice and easy to follow along and I love how it started to build.

I love how it actually looked like fluffy clouds, and I was pretty impressed with how I was doing with it until…

My tension went wrong, although I always find my self doing this, so this year I think maybe I need to work on my tension skills a bit better.

But the joys of crocheting, is you learn as you go, right?

So as much as I loved the pattern and the time schedule I was up against, I decided to use the border pattern only from Lisa’s gorgeous pattern and create a corner to corner blanket.

I followed the instructions on how to increase and decrease rows of a corner to corner blanket thanks to the lovely Sarah Jayne of Bella Coco Crochet. Yes I have made a few in the past, but needed a bit of a refresher course, as you do!

After 7 and 6+ hours of work in between sorting out kids, the cat, eating and showering, it was completed! Just time for the gorgeous border.

Lisa, Ib absolutely love your border pattern and will definitely be using it again, if that’s ok!

I’m sure you will agree it’s turned out fabulous!

Don’t forget to pop by my Instagram here @ransoncc and Lisa’s @lisaauchcrochet

The pattern as a reminder is here

I’d love to know what you think, let me know in the comments below.

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