Redvers File Organiser

As a busy full time mother and since starting up my own crochet small handmade business in June this year, you can imagine all the crochet patterns I have lying around on sheets of paper and trying to find the ones I need to make the items can be a pain in the butt. Not only is it a pain, it can be stressful and time consuming when trying to find the right documents.

I have purchased a lot of single folder files in the past, but they don’t hold a lot, so have had to purchase several and they either split or I end up losing them. So I decided to look for something a lot more sturdier.

When I went looking, I came across something on Instagram and thought that looks interesting. The Redvers Office file organiser. I thought why not for £11.99, I love a good bargain.

On first arrival, I was pretty impressed with how sturdy it was and how bright and colourful it is. I am absolutely loving the rainbow effect and I love how it’s made with a strong flexible plastic, which can only means two things. One it will hold a lot more than the single folders I’ve been using and two it will definitely last a lot longer.

Not only does the Redvers Offfice look lovely on my office desk at home, but it will fit nicely in my cupboard when not in use. I will be using it for crochet patterns and also important school letters, the kids artwork and other things. So overall it will be used for a lot of important things.

I also love that the rainbow colours make it so much easier to find the section you are looking for. The labels are also a great size, they are nice and clear without being too big. Normally for an item at this high quality you would normally expect pay anything between £30-£40, so your really getting a good deal here and I will be definitely standing out at those Craft Fairs!
I would highly recommend anyone who like me works from home, a college student or somebody who is obsessed with paperwork or needs to arrange their pretty papers into something funky, vibrant and sturdy.

I can’t fault the item, other than I may have to purchase another one, as soon as my children seen it, they were like oooh can I have it mam?

Get yours here on Amazon

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