100 Paper Spaceships from Usbourne Books

Andrew absolutely adores making paper aeroplanes, I mean which little boy or girl doesn’t right?

Andrew picked this book for his birthday and honestly didn’t\n know what to expect, if I’m honest.

However when it arrived in the post, I was pretty impressed with the quality and how it shows you how to create them (which is pretty good, considering I’m crap at making paper planes).

I’m as good at making paper planes as I am of drawing stick men.

We had decided to use this book as an incentive for Andrew to do his homework.

As you can see above, that we have made two so far, we are taking our time to make the book last too.

The only problem that I have with the book, is that I’m not sure whos more of a big kid, making these, whether its Andrew and Jayden-Kye or Alan.

As you can see from the photo below, Andrew is having a lovely time using them.

So thanks again Becky of Usbourne Books!

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