A Dippin’ Good Time

This time last year I was preparing myself to do something totally out of my comfort zone.  That was to strip down into my birthday suit, I was going to get naked in front of hundreds of people.

Now to some people, that may not be a problem, but to me, I had only ever gotten naked in front of the husband or in front of the mirror.  So to get naked in front of over 100 people would be my worst nightmare.

Let me begin by saying, ever since my surgery in August 2015 went wrong, I haven’t felt comfortable in my own skin. I had a laparoscopy done to determine what was causing me so much pain, turns out I had something called Endometriosis.  Feel free to read my Fight Like A Girl post.

During my surgery, they managed to puncture my stomach, which has left me with several scars. One even looks like the album cover from Ed Sheeran’s Divide album.

Myself and Alan had always wanted to do something totally out of our comfort zone and with this event being totally close to home, literally (across the road!), we thought why not, after all, we all came into this world naked and we all have the same female and male parts as everyone else, right?

About The Event

The North East Skinny Dip is a an established annual event, which takes place in September at Druridge Bay, as close to the Autumn Equinox as is possible.  In 2017 over 400 dippers, myself and Alan included braved the North Sea.

You don’t need to look a million pounds, don’t need to be wearing the latest fashion trends, hey, I even wore my Pikachu onesie last year.  It’s about feeling confident in our own skin, enjoying the beautiful nature around us and listening to the calming waves and the odd giggle or two from others who are enjoying this amazing experience, all the while raising money and awareness for mental health.

Everyone is made to feel welcome, no matter whether it’s your first dip, second or even third dip!  Hey you don’t even need to strip, it’s however you feel in the moment.  It’s such a lovely community of people and I look forward to attending my 2nd dip this coming weekend.

For more information on how to take the plunge or even to just donate to MIND click here.


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