Dear Jax…

I want to start this post by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for such another amazing experience, that and allowing me to be apart of the volunteering team, which allowed me on a personal level overcome some anxieties of talking to a lot of people that I had never met before.  I personally hate being thrown into a group of strangers and having to get on with doing tasks, that I have never done before.  Out of me and Alan, Alan is the most confident out of the both of us, suppose it goes with the job.

Fun, Loving, Caring & Inspirational Jax

Going from my A Dippin’ Good Time post, in which I explained that it was my first dip, something I had never done before, something I was cautious about doing, what with being self-conscious about my body flaws after my laparoscopy surgery in August 2015 (to this day, still worry about it!), following my diagnosis of Endometriosis

The Brave Dippers

After the first dip, I knew I wanted to participate in this year’s too, but see if I could perhaps give back a bit of help and support to you in, not only a pledge but in a voluntarily way too.

Druridge Bay Beach

So as myself and Alan are one of the lucky ones, who live across the road, we walked down for the 3pm meeting on the camping field to EVENTUALLY meet you face to face and what such a warm welcome we received,  and straight away you made us feel welcome, as perhaps part of a close knit family.  We then we got introduced to the team, out of all the team members, we really got to know yourself (in between you drinking Wine and Rum in and out of the stone circle on the Saturday evening)  and have a laugh with Paul Wright, Mark Hurrell,  Ian Thompson,  David Bramfitt,  Peter Pierre Birkett,  Brian Kaye,  Robin Richmond,  Chris Pilkington, Graham Lees, Cathie Pixie Higginson & Kizzy Riley and please forgive me but I can’t remember the name of the other lady sat next to Cathie at the meeting but had a good old natter down the beach with her, who seemed so down to earth.

We took a walk down to the beach once we got our jobs to do and we fell in love with the sand chair, something we never spotted last year, but probably didn’t take much notice with all the nerves settling in.

The Magnificent Sand & Firepit Chair

We also checked out The Magic Hat Cafe who upcycle surplus food to feed the community and unlike many pop up cafes that charge through the nose for take away food, The Magic Hat Cafe use a Pay As You Feel approach and offer a lot of delicious food options.  We will have to try them out next year, as the queues were huge and I think I had to rescue the babysitter from my kids, after all she had been a true star and looked after them from 2pm Saturday right through till 9am this morning.

The Magic Hat Cafe

And before we had to get ready to take over the posts of welcoming campers and dippers in and directing them to the fields, we couldn’t resist checking out the moon over the horizon of the sea.  And yes I did try to compete with Alan’s Huawei P20 Pro against my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for taking photos, and yes the Huawei won hands down.

The Night Before The Dip

Finishing the evening off directing late arrivals into the park and having a laugh with the voluntary team and having a good giggle.  Then going home for a lovely, jubbly 2 and a half hour sleep.

Me and Alan freezing our bits off for a good cause!

The come morning after finishing off directing campers and arrivals for the dip, we took to the dip ourselves and yes we even managed to get the daughter to NOT chicken out and take part. Which not only were you proud of her, so was I.

Imogen proudly helping out as a Volunteer at NESD2018

Imogen loved helping out that much in the morning that when we were walking back to the car, she even spotted her traffic cones that she was guarding and said “Look there’s my traffic cones”.   Which showed us, that she really had a good time.

The Brave 2018 NESD Dippers

To hear that there had been over 600 people that had pledged for Mind Charity and was there to celebrate our nudity and to be proud of it, regardless of body sizes, ages and backrounds of people.  It was an amazing year to be apart of.

NESD 2018 Brave Dippers

Thank you again for an amazing year, the weather definitely was on our side, and if it had been chucking down, we of still been there to help set up and dip.  You have an amazing team of helpers, helping out and I am really pleased that I offered to help on a personal level.  Made some new friends and I look forward to staying in touch, whether that’s fully clothed or naked at another dip.

Family Photo: Me, Alan and the new dipper Imogen.

As you can see from the image above Jax, here is Imogen who’s been in two minds since me and Alan did our first dip in 2017.  Now all there is left to do, is to get the rest of the Ranson clan to join in.  So I have 12 months to try and change the minds of Jayden-Kye, who will be 7 next year, nearly 8 and Andrew who will be 10 to participate.  Including the babysitter, who like me, once before was nervous about getting my kit off and worrying about my body.

Imogen, aged 10 years.

It was even amazing to see that the lovely Stephen Fry had even mentioned us brave dippers on Twitter!  That was amazing to see once I got home.  I mean how flipping AWESOME is this?!?!?! Hell Yeah!

So until next year….

Never stop what you are doing Jax.  Not only are helping raise awareness for Mental Health, along with raising money.  You are bringing people of all walks of life together and forming ever lasting friendships.  Yes I have had a few friend adds on Facebook already, feel free 2018 NESD Voluntary Team Members, feel free to add me here

Thank you again, much love Nikki Ranson


  1. Paul Wright says:

    Fantastic account of one person’s experience of NESD. There were many other stories written today as people’s lives were enriched by NESD.

    1. Nikki says:

      Thanking you kindly Paul! It was truly magical and I look forward to next year too! X

  2. Rae Radford says:

    Well I never knew about NESD before today but your blog has certainly enlightened me, thanks Nikki, it sounds like you all had an amazing time.

    1. Nikki says:

      It was an amazing time and I look forward to next year, would you ever consider doing this yourself?

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