Against The Current, Past Lives 2018 UK Tour

On Thursday 27th September we got to see Against The Current for a second time, but this time we got to meet and greet the band aswell as live in the moment in the gig. Also came away with our VIP Passes, Against The Current Beanie & Signed Poster.

What was even better, was that the Past Lives album arrived the morning of the gig, a day before UK release. I’m not going to lie to you, Christmas Day came early!

I have been following the band since they started out on YouTube via Kurt Hugo Schneider. When they were starting out, they were doing covers of other artists and they were pretty good at doing their covers. Always looked out for their new videos but then they brought out their very own album, full of their own tunes and I was hooked!

As both myself and Alan paid for a meet and greet, we both got The Against The Current merchandise and yes the daughter nicked off with a beanie and a poster.

Me and Alan saw them live first time back in 2016 and back then when I think about it, was out of my depth. Back when we saw them first time round, I wasn’t upto date with all their own songs, just their cover songs from other artists.

This time however, I can happily say I know 99% of the song lyrics this time!

While we were outside we got talking to two lovely people about how much we loved Against The Current and how far each of us had travelled.

I love how something your into, can bring people together from all walks of life. The two people we got talking to were Asher (follow on Instagram @raikiriskyfall) and his good friend Laura, both at their very first Against The Current gig, and I’m sure it won’t be their last!

During the Meet and Greet, there was one gorgeous little boy that goes by the name of Caleb, who Chrissy Costanza fell in love with, you can see the gorgeous post on Chrissy’s Instagram here.

Alan even captured the magical moment on video using his Huawei P20 Pro of Caleb’s father speaking to Chrissy during the gig, thanking her for the Instagram post, which you can find here.

When me and Alan took ourselves upstairs to the bar, we decided to stay upstairs, close to the bar, near the toilets, an amazing view of the band and a hell of a lot cooler than being downstairs, compared to when I was last in their in 2016 when I passed out due to the heat!

We had an amazing time and look forward to Chrissy, Will and Dan visiting Newcastle again in the future and to top it all off this time I actually knew all their songs and words.

Imogen the daughter was gutted she couldn’t be with us, but the poor bairn is only 10, 4 years to go then she can come with us. But she didn’t miss out as she watched it all on Instagram live back home and nicked off with one of the beanies.

So I will leave this post with a question.

Which is your favourite Against The Current song and why?

And if you haven’t heard of them then go straight to YouTube.


  1. Looks like a good time wad had by wall. Can’t beat listening to love music X

    1. Nikki says:

      Yup we definitely had a good time, roll on to when they are back in the UK. Against The Current always put on a good show! Thank you for popping by and leaving a comment!

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