I’ve Been Nominated: The Sunshine Blogger

I have only been blogging since the 6th September 2018 and it’s nice to know that a month on that someone I recently just met on Twitter, feels I deserve to be nominated for a Blogger Award.  I received this lovely nomination from the ever so lovely Tracey of Hooks and Dragons.

When I started this blog, I decided to just blog for me, no one else, something that could help me in my dark days and something to look back on in the future.  It’s nice to have my writing acknowledged from others and not just my husband, the kids and cat.

The Sunshine Award gives bloggers a chance to give their favourite bloggers a mention, and a chance to answer some fun facts about themselves.

For this award I had one person nominate me and that was Tracey of Hooks and Dragons.  Tracey lives in The Forest of Dean along with her husband and cats and making string pretty with her special 9mm.

Tracey’s Questions

1) What are your plans for the weekend?
We have a lovely kid free swim planned this weekend, it’s been ages since been to a swimming pool and just enjoyed it, be nice to be Nikki and Alan and not Mam and Dad for a few hours, you know!

2) You’ve been selected to cook a 5 course banquet for Prince Harry’s wedding anniversary. What’s on your menu? (They must be dishes you can actually cook yourself)

I can’t cook from scratch for toffee, literally I’m crap at it (just ask the husband on Twitter @alanranson).  I can however make spaghetti bolonese from scratch.  So I would use what Tracey put on Twitter last night, but that’s cheating.  So it would go like this:

1st Starter: Heinz Tomato Soup
2nd Starter: Bread Roll
Main: Spaghetti Bolonese
Snack: Garlic Bread
Pudding: Chocolate Chip & Mint Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce

See I told you I am rubbish (this is where everyone runs for the hills and no longer speaks to me on Social Media!)

3)  Describe your ideal Christmas day

My ideal christmas day is seeing the kids happy, beaming faces with all the goodies that the fat man has left behind.  Then tuck into a lovely christmas dinner and watch a few christmas films before heading out to the inlaws for the famous pudding before your tea tradition.  Then come home, open a bottle of wine and just chill!

4) Elephants or penguins, and why?

Can’t say that I am a big fan of either of them personally, it’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just I’m more a cat person compared to Elephants and Penguins

5) What is the scientific formula for a long and happy life?

Personally for me, it’s be yourself, don’t follow the herd.  Live your life the way you want and not what others try to make you do.  Drink plenty of water, get at least 30 mins of exercise in a day, even if it’s just a walk, listen to good music and don’t forget to smile.  After all it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile.

6) If someone made a film of your life who would play you?
I had to ask the husband this one, was like errrrrrrr……He said that Lily James would play me as we look similar!

7) What is your survival plan for the zombie apocolypse?

No matter how much running I would do, I’d still get eaten lol….So play them at their own game and eat them instead, after all I would die anyway, if you can’t beat them, join them.

8) Which bloggers do you most admire and why?

I only been in the blogging community for a few weeks, but so far I admire Claire Greene of Eclairemakery, her blog is so colourful and inspirational when it comes to crocheting and I just want to attempt to make everything on her feed.  I also admire the lovely Terri Marsh from Terri Louise & Co.  The reason I picked Terri for, was because not only is she an excellent writer her Instagram stories are spot on, shes’s down to earth and isn’t one of these bloggers that try to make their site and themselves be so far up their butt, we all know the ones.  Anyhow I love following her daily instagram feed and just come across her blog too.  P.S. Terri your children are cuties.

9)  What is your super power?

I can turn balls of yarn into something pretty, if you don’t believe me have a look through my store here

10) What is your favourite dad joke?

What do you get if you mix human DNA with Goat DNA? Kicked out of the petting zoo!

11) The end of the world is coming and you have a secret bunker with unlimited supplies. Alongside your family there is room for 5 people. Which twitter folk (because famous people all have their own bunkers) would you save and why?

The 5 Twitter folk I would save at the end of the world, would be because they have always had my back on Twitter and always there for me when having a bad day, or just for a pick me up!  I may not of met any of them in person, but I value their friendship and look forward to maybe one day actually meeting them, even if it is the end of the world.

My Husband Alan @alanranson
Sarah @madcow42
Tina @Crazier
James @Bigboloverocket
Tracey @hooksanddragons – I mean come on, I would need at least one Crochet buddy to help keep me sane, right?

My Nominees

Terri Louise & Co
This Mama Life
Coffee & Corfu

I have only nominated 4 bloggers as I am still finding my feet in this blogging community.

My 11 Questions to the Nominees above

1. Why did you start your blog?
2. Tell me 3 fun facts about yourself
3. City Girl or Country Girl?
4. Tea or Coffee
5. Do you speak any other languages(other than english)
6. If you could live in the day of a celebrity who would you choose and what would be the first thing you would do?
7. Which is your favourite social media app?
8. If you could give your younger 13 year old self some advice now, what would you tel yourself?
9. What blogging hashtag do you use to get your posts seen?  And have they worked?
10. Do you have a crafty side to you?
11.  Burger King or KFC?

Scientific Fact ~ Bloggers feed on blog comments. Please help keep this blogger well fed♡

Thanks again for the nomination Tracey, this was fun! Would really love to do more of these in the future, brilliant way to get to know others too!


  1. Tracey Abrahams says:

    Thank you for taking part Nikki (and thanks for saving me im your bunker). In answering some of your questions im a countryside girl for sure. Im rubbish at promoting my posts so cant advise om hashtags and I love KFC ?

  2. Terri says:

    Aww this is fab thanks so much for the nomination xx

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