Hello! I’m Nikki.

I am a creative lifestyle blogger from Northumberland, UK. I live with my husband Alan, my three children Imogen, Andrew & Jayden-Kye and my cat Four and goldfish who’s name changes every week!

I decided to create this blog to have somewhere to my crochet creations.  After thinking long and hard, I thought people may like to read about how my crochet creations came to life.

All of my crochet related posts can be found here.  Also where to purchase them can be found here.

For any posts relating to Family Life, Book Reviews, Health, Mental Health, Movies, Music or Travel, then you can click here.

I also have an invisible illness called Endometriosis, so sometimes life can be a challenge but also lots of fun!

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So let me into a little bit about my family…


The Technology Wizard

Alan is an international buyer (The Techonology Wizard in his spare time).  Hard working, and an absolutely brilliant Dad to Imogen, Andrew & Jayden-Kye and a supportive, loving, caring and thoughtful husband.  When he’s not working, he’s always on the go in the garden, improving the home decor and testing out new gadgets from Samsung to his new found love, the Huawei P20 Pro.

The Selfie Queen

Imogen born 2008 loves musicals, movies, music, reading, dancing, singing, make up, hanging out with friends, taking selfies and getting her own way!

The Artist

Andrew born 2009 loves drawing, give him a pen and paper and he’s off, he also loves to write stories, eventually got into reading, loves sports, playing video games, movies, music and dancing.

The Minecraft Junkie

Jayden-Kye born 2011 loves video games (especially minecraft), playing outside, whether that’s in the back garden, down the park or down the beach, loves colouring in, watching movies, dancing and in his words, loves spending time with his family.

The Oreo Cat

Four aka the oreo cat came to live with us in 2015. Alan looked up online for cats for sale as we had recently gotten married in the march and to make our little family unit complete, we thought we would throw in a pet! The previous owner couldn’t look after him, as they felt he was too much for them and their young 2 year old, so we took him under his wing.

His previous owner had him named as Toby, however I didn’t see him as a Toby and at the time I was reading the Divergent series from Veronica Roth and one of the main characters in novel and film (the whole family watched the films!) was called Tobias, aka Toby but his nickname was Four. So we thought why not, something different, something quirky, something us.

Four loves nothing more than to have tummy tickles, plenty of hugs, playtime and out and about in the back garden. As you can see in the photo he is well loved!