• Birthday Gifts,  Scarves

    Navy Scarf

    Going off my Red Tassles post! I made my lovely Father in Law a Navy Blue one and wasn’t sure how he would react to a handmade gift by me. But he loved it! That much so…. That he wants…

  • Christmas,  Willy Warmers

    Secret Santa Gift

    So when a good friend messages me and asks me to make a secret santa 10 inch willy warmer! Yes we had a giggle about it! Just proves that after making the North East Skinny Dip willy warmers were popular…

  • Candy Canes,  Christmas

    Candy Canes

    I had decided to attempt some candy cane holders for our candy canes for our tree this year. I love YouTube for tutorials on how to make things, and I used this Crochet Cane tutorial.

  • Christmas Stockings

    Personalised Christmas Stockings

    So our lovely niece asked if it were possible to make larger stockings compared to the ones I’d previously made, ie the Personalised Mini Stockings. So I looked for a lovely pattern online and came across these Festive Fun Christmas…